Cluckles was created to allows Bootstrap themes to be edited in Third Party Systems like CMS's (e.g. Corvus). Now it can be used for that by (embedding the editor or creating your own) or you can use the Editor on this site to create Themes.

If you find the project useful, dont forget to a) tell you friends b) feel free to fork it and extend it :)

So what does Cluckles do?

Cluckles is a live theme editor that leverages Less to Customise Twitter Bootstrap (In the future I will look into adding support other CSS Frameworks).

When I created Cluckles I was looking for a way to Customise Bootstrap based Themes, and found online editors, all of which allows you to customise. However None of which provided access to the source files which provided the Ability to customise the Themes. So I created my own, which I could utilise in other projects, and released it so everyone else can too!

It has become quite a pet project of mine, which takes up more of my time than the original project I was making, which inspired Cluckles creation.
I hope someone can find it useful, and if you do then let me know, I would love to hear about it. Better yet help me out by telling a friend or contibuting to the project.

Yes. I like product names with some character. After a while I settled on Cluckles, because its not something someone would forget, plus I quite like chickens!

Support the Project

Currently to support the project, you can do so in a few different ways:

  • Use the Project and spread Cluckles love
  • Download the Cluckles dist/build from Bower and use it to power your own projects
  • Fork the project on Github
  • Donate to the project with Gittip